Manifesting Positivity for the Uplift of All of Humanity

The Human Being, DNA, The Soul, and Consciousness

When the biological entity that we call the human being was spiraled out from this earthly stream of creation it operated autonomically based upon its encoded genetic programming.  Once the human species began to express the potential to operate beyond its autonomic functions it was the family institution that became the main cross-generational transmitter of spiritual understanding via a balance between experience-based genetic information that was encoded in human DNA, and the transmittance of deeper spiritual insights and understandings brought forth via a spiritual contract with ethereal beings.

Therefore, encoded within the very biological structures of the human being is the genetic memory that encompasses the deeper genetic-based matrix of the human being itself.  In the realm of science this genetic-based matrix, which also has the capacity to be built upon, altered, and transformed via genetic manipulation or via mental to physical activation, has been called DNA.  This genetic-based matrix called DNA is the material manifestation of an encoded genetic memory which has a spiritual compliment in the ethereal realms.  This spiritual compliment is what some have called consciousness, which is a manifestation of the encoded depths of the Soul’s spiritual memory.

Consciousness, which does not exist within the physical walls of the human being, functions as a spiritual compliment to the genetic memory encoded within the human being itself.  Again, consciousness is a manifestation of the encoded depths of the Soul’s spiritual memory.

(Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 18)

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