Manifesting Positivity for the Uplift of All of Humanity

The Dream of The Changing of 5 Things

He was given 5 chances to change his life and with much thought he decided that his first change would be that he would, from that day forth, be granted all the freedom that his heart desired.  And so it was that he was free and in his heart there was a feeling that had been hidden from him.


And with his second change he ordered that he would never know sorrow again and in that moment his sorrowful memories left him, no longer to bridge back across the widened river of his desires.


To his third change he granted himself all the power to transform the lives of all of humanity and in that moment there was no more war.


And with his fourth change he brought forth the bounty of a million kings and with his bounty he built schools for the children, shelter for the homeless, and then he said unto the entire world, “Henceforth, no one will go without.”


And with his final change he made it so that he would never wake from this dream; the dream of the changing of 5 things………..and to this day he is still asleep.


Written by Lenon Honor (2003)


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