Manifesting Positivity for the Uplift of All of Humanity


Being Positive

“Each time you draw a breath you are experiencing a positive event. Each time your heart beats you are experiencing a positive event. By being thankful for the things that affirm life we can realize that positivity is abundant and is operating in and around us at all times. With this realization we can continue to remain positive.”

-Lenon Honor


Spiritual Metamorphosis

“We dedicate ourselves to the human being so that one day the Great Mother might meet with her children; so that the Great Mother might speak with her children; so that the Great Mother might share with her children the wisdom of her years; so that the Great Mother might give to her children the essence of her dreams and the power of her mind, so that the Great Mother will not be alone…………and become the butterfly that she always hoped to be.”

-Lenon Honor

(Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 117)

Spiritual Contract

“When human beings are conceived they are granted a spiritual contract with a Soul or group of Souls that ultimately bring spiritual consciousness to the human being. This level of consciousness empowers the human being to perceive the spiritual significance of its existence and to find the spiritual meaning of the events that unfold throughout its life.” -Lenon Honor

Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 89

The 2012 Illusion

Many are beginning to recoil from the 2012 pseudo-spirituality propaganda. As 2012 comes closer there are many who have “magically” changed their date-based orientation. Some have even abandoned 2012 as a legitimate spiritual concept. The reason as to why this is the case is quite simple: 2012 and date-based ascension is an illusion.

Expanding Possibilities 9-25-11

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Spiritual Vision

The ability to envision one’s self as having the potential to become greater is what is called “Spiritual Vision”. It is through spiritual vision that one can engage in the transformative process of spiritual refinement in pursuit of spiritual growth. -Lenon Honor

(Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 55)

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The Dream of The Changing of 5 Things

He was given 5 chances to change his life and with much thought he decided that his first change would be that he would, from that day forth, be granted all the freedom that his heart desired.  And so it was that he was free and in his heart there was a feeling that had been hidden from him.


And with his second change he ordered that he would never know sorrow again and in that moment his sorrowful memories left him, no longer to bridge back across the widened river of his desires.


To his third change he granted himself all the power to transform the lives of all of humanity and in that moment there was no more war.


And with his fourth change he brought forth the bounty of a million kings and with his bounty he built schools for the children, shelter for the homeless, and then he said unto the entire world, “Henceforth, no one will go without.”


And with his final change he made it so that he would never wake from this dream; the dream of the changing of 5 things………..and to this day he is still asleep.


Written by Lenon Honor (2003)

What is your greatest dream?

If dreams can become real then shouldn’t we dream our greatest dream?  -Lenon Honor

Beyond 2012 and Date-Based Ascension