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5. Balance within himself

There are many men who seek to shade their insecurities with the shroud of bravado.  I too have done such a foolish thing.

It is often the case that those who do not see their own strength feel a deep sense of inadequacy.  In such cases they may seek to make up for their perceived inadequacy through bravado, through the exaggeration of their strengths.  Understand that true manhood is a condition in which a man shares a balance within himself.  He finds no need to exaggerate.  He finds no need to make himself appear to be greater than he is.

During those circumstances in which it is wiser for him to be greater, he adapts according to need.  But in being greater there is no need for him to exaggerate; for he is merely displaying to the world what he has always been.  During those circumstances in which it is wiser for him to be lesser, there is no need for him to depreciate himself; for he is merely displaying to the world what is necessary to maintain modesty, humility, and propriety.  In this way he maintains his balance and participates in creating an outcome that is to the benefit of all involved.

(Excerpt from my book “Writings for the Fathers of the World of Tomorrow” Page 24)

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The Dream of The Changing of 5 Things

He was given 5 chances to change his life and with much thought he decided that his first change would be that he would, from that day forth, be granted all the freedom that his heart desired.  And so it was that he was free and in his heart there was a feeling that had been hidden from him.


And with his second change he ordered that he would never know sorrow again and in that moment his sorrowful memories left him, no longer to bridge back across the widened river of his desires.


To his third change he granted himself all the power to transform the lives of all of humanity and in that moment there was no more war.


And with his fourth change he brought forth the bounty of a million kings and with his bounty he built schools for the children, shelter for the homeless, and then he said unto the entire world, “Henceforth, no one will go without.”


And with his final change he made it so that he would never wake from this dream; the dream of the changing of 5 things………..and to this day he is still asleep.


Written by Lenon Honor (2003)

What is your greatest dream?

If dreams can become real then shouldn’t we dream our greatest dream?  -Lenon Honor

911 Fear Based Mind Control 9-5-11

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Ascension and 2012

Ascension via 2012 is an illusion and is a form of spiritual escapism. -Lenon Honor

Technology-Based Interfacing

The reason as to why technology-based interfacing is such a problematic proposition, i.e. cybernetic implants, is that such technological interfacing disrupts the quality of the spiritual connection between the Soul Being and the human being.

The implanting of physical technology into the human body degrades the energy field of the human being via the vibrational static emitted by the technological interface i.e. Extra Low Frequency Waves, Electro Magnetic Field Radiation, etc.  In such cases the human being will be rendered unreceptive and unprepared to receive further spiritual insight from the Soul Being and can therefore be spiritually devolved to a state of Soullessness (operating on an autonomic level).

(Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 85)

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The Human Being, DNA, The Soul, and Consciousness

When the biological entity that we call the human being was spiraled out from this earthly stream of creation it operated autonomically based upon its encoded genetic programming.  Once the human species began to express the potential to operate beyond its autonomic functions it was the family institution that became the main cross-generational transmitter of spiritual understanding via a balance between experience-based genetic information that was encoded in human DNA, and the transmittance of deeper spiritual insights and understandings brought forth via a spiritual contract with ethereal beings.

Therefore, encoded within the very biological structures of the human being is the genetic memory that encompasses the deeper genetic-based matrix of the human being itself.  In the realm of science this genetic-based matrix, which also has the capacity to be built upon, altered, and transformed via genetic manipulation or via mental to physical activation, has been called DNA.  This genetic-based matrix called DNA is the material manifestation of an encoded genetic memory which has a spiritual compliment in the ethereal realms.  This spiritual compliment is what some have called consciousness, which is a manifestation of the encoded depths of the Soul’s spiritual memory.

Consciousness, which does not exist within the physical walls of the human being, functions as a spiritual compliment to the genetic memory encoded within the human being itself.  Again, consciousness is a manifestation of the encoded depths of the Soul’s spiritual memory.

(Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 18)

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Cosmic Respectability

If the human being continues in its process of spiritual growth then the collective energy field created on Earth will be that much more spiritually evolved.  Consequently, the positive energy field created by the human being functions as the frequency change needed for the Earth to continue in its own process of spiritual growth which therefore contributes to the overall spiritual growth of the Milky Way galaxy organism.  When the biological entity that we call the human being functions to this capacity it will then return to its place of cosmic respectability.

(Excerpt from my book “Deep in the Garden of Consciousness” Page 88)

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